Philadelphia, PA







Agency - Position

Harvard Bartending Course & Bartending Services - Manager


Name one thing you love about your job

I love the experience of being the sole manager of a small business and getting to manage the direction it takes.

Quick Takes

Name a book, TV show, or movie that you would like to live in.

I would want to live in the universe of Full House, so I can meet John Stamos in person.

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

Five of Popeye's spicy chicken strips, fries, and biscuits, spread beautifully on an ornate platter. However the Popeye's can only be from the outskirts of Philadelphia, fetched by a trusty steed adorned in glasses, who has a passion for The Strokes. For an appetizer, the freshest selection of Scallion Pancakes from the Hong Kong Restaurant, with a crunchy crust but the softest of centers. Drizzled onto the pancakes would be deep fried calamari, with the crunch of 1000 suns. Finally, for dessert, I would request the thickest of Belgian waffles, topped with nutella and speculoos and only the creamiest of vanilla iced creams.


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