Nickname / Alias / Exotic Alternate Name

The Big Kahuna


Lenox, Massachusetts






History and Literature

Agency - Position

Marketing - Account Manager

Name one thing you love about your job

Sometimes I use two Keurig pods at half the volume of my cup so my coffee is more strong than usual!

Quick Takes

Name a book, TV show, or movie that you would like to live in.

"Charlie Gibson, God Among Men" - an original book I wrote at age 8 in which the main character is a god among men and does other cool stuff too

What is your strangest pet peeve?

When you're like washing the dishes and an old banana peel (like 1 day old, min.) mixes with some tomato sauce and it just doesn't smell very good at all.

If you were on death row, what would be your last meal?

Soup dumplings

What always cheers you up?

The smell of fresh-jellied lutefisk

What's your conspiracy theory?

My brother is actually a horse that my parents adopted from a horse orphanage (horsephanage?) when he was just a young colt, but then they realized that he wouldn't fit in with the other horses because he was a human child so then he became my brother.


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