General Blurb



CHerri Wang '20, BAr Manager

Concentration: Applied Math (Economics)
House: Pforzheimer
Hometown: Pleasanton, California
Other extracurricular activities: Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company, Women In Business

Favorite thing about your job: Getting to run all aspects of a business, from marketing to operations, all by myself!

Favorite HSA memory: Going to Six Flags with the second floor after hitting budget!

Spirit animal: Pink panther

As the manager of the Bartending agency, I oversee both the Harvard Bartending Course and Bartending Services. The Bar Course teaches safe alcohol consumption and etiquette while also introducing the art of mixology. As for Bartending Services, I manage over forty student bartenders and waiters who serve at private events. Part of the strategy is that once Harvard students complete the bar course, they are eligible to become one of our bartenders. I love my job because I get to handle both the operations and marketing behind a $15k/month business, and every day I work with a wide variety of platforms, including Mailchimp, Groupon, and Shopify. I’ve learned a lot about targeted marketing strategies and web development, especially when I get to email the entire college about how to make damn good margaritas during incentive-based marketing campaigns. All that aside, the best part of HSA by far is the people—I couldn’t imagine spending my freshman year without working alongside my fellow managers!