Hometown: Oakland, California 

Year: 2016

House: Adams

Concentration: Economics; 2º in Global Health and Health Policy

Agency / Position:

HSA Marketing / Account Manager

High School Activities: 

Various equestrian sports, singing in a choir and playing piano, student government, peer tutoring, hanging out with my parents

Prior Business Experience:

Interned at a start-up last summer in San Francisco

Interests and Hobbies:

Riding horses, traveling, hanging out with my 6 month old nephew, being outside (hiking, biking, wandering), eating, drinking, laughing at my own jokes

Describe your job in 3 sentences:

Our team sells/organizes ads for the Unofficial Guides and the Guide to Summer Opportunities. We also listen to a lot of country music and frequently discuss the relative merits of all the sandwich places in the Square. 

Quick Takes

What is your guilty pleasure?

Watching reruns of The Mindy Project with my roommates

What was your childhood nickname?

My cousins call me 'Dreads' because when when I was little and I tried to brush my hair I would just fold and knot it up in itself over and over again (my hair was super long and my arms were too short to brush it all the way to the end). Fortunately, I have since learned how to keep my hair (mostly) tangle-free. 

Name three ways to your heart.

Breakfast, dogs, and flannel shirts.


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