Hometown: Winchester, MA

Year: 2016

House: Dunster

Concentration: Economics

Agency / Position:

CCFE - Director

High School Activities: 

Ballet, debate, student government, entrepreneurship, public speaking

Prior Business Experience:

I've ran a non-profit in high school as well as a startup my freshman year of college

Interests and Hobbies:

Eating, dancing, kick-boxing

Describe your job in 3 sentences:

I'm the director at CCFE, where I oversee the creation of special events geared towards providing students with entrepreneurial and education opportunities. These events include the Business Leadership Program, Business School Night, and SPREE.

Quick Takes

Name a book, TV show, or movie that you would like to live in.

Gossip Girl

Name three ways to your heart:

Pancakes, chocolate and cannolis

Favorite late-night snack food?

Tasty Burger

What is your guilty pleasure:

Online shopping


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