Our Team

It's a family business.

our  team


Our Agencies


HSA consists of agencies both new and old, established and fledgling; some serving Harvard students in particular, and others, the world at large. What all these agencies have in common is that they each began as the brainchild of an enterprising Harvard student, who was able to take their seed of an idea and transform it into something that could be tended, nurtured, and grown by student entrepreneurs for years to come. 

Each agency possesses its own unique flair and takes great pride in being entirely student-run.

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Our Legacy


The HSA legacy is...

...opening up a retail store in less than a year that employs your classmates.
...seeing your name in print and selling thousands of copies of the books you published.
...having an idea and seeing it change your business.
...making lifelong connections with the top business leaders in the country.
...starting a new business, moving on to Fortune 500 companies or being a leader in any field.

...the ability to follow your passion. 

Become a part of something greater than any one member.
Join a 55-year tradition of international leaders across all industries.
Leave your legacy and join ours.

Here's a few of the places HSA alumni have gone: