Publishing Track


Publishing at HSA features responsibilities ranging anywhere from allocating company funds to designing and editing content for the numerous publications that HSA releases each year. Students interested in publishing can tap into their interest in journalism or creative writing as authors, graphic designers, editors, marketing managers, and more. The majority of HSA’s publications are created and distributed by Let’s Go. As a tightly knit team, Let’s Go is responsible for producing Let’s Go Travel Guides, which covers twelve European countries, Navigating Summer Opportunities, which helps students find ways to spend their summers, and the Undergraduate Guide to Life at Harvard, a satirical book introducing incoming freshman to the culture at Harvard. The publishing track allows students to take on large scale projects that enhance the experiences of hundreds of students on campus as you not only create full-scale books, but also manage a six-digit budget.




Concentration: economics with a secondary in sociology
House: Mather
Hometown: Miami, Florida

Other extracurriculars: Teaching a civics and government class through the IOP's CIVICS program, senior staffing Harvard Model Congress, and serving as Publicity Chair on the Mather House Committee

Favorite thing about your job: I think it is very exciting and rewarding to see the hard work of our writers transform into a printed, physical product. The process is tedious and lengthy, but to see months of work and preparation gradually take the form of a finished book that all of us in Let's Go can really be proud of is something that I really enjoy about my job. It's one massive project that has taken the entire summer to execute, and seeing it come to fruition is wonderful.

Favorite HSA memory: This may seem corny, but there was one lunch break when Austin, Kristine, Katie, and I went to the Quincy courtyard and just hung out in the sun for an hour to calm down after working especially hard for a few weeks. It was a pretty short, seemingly insignificant experience, but being able to just sit down and reflect on the way we were working towards our common goal and sharing our summer together was really nice. We throw a lot of flings and plan a lot of fun activities for the office at HSA, but this instance of being able to just quietly soak in all of the hecticness that we were going through together really stuck with me. The 4 of us represent one team and hold the same goal, and to be able to think back on how far we had come from the start of the summer was really great.

Spirit animal: Probably a meerkat. I say this because Kristine and Austin have told me that I remind them of one when I get antsy at my desk and slide around in my chair. I don't really understand it, but I watched a show on meerkats on Animal Planet when I was little and think that they're pretty sick animals.