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We are students who run a
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Harvard Student Agencies is the best business education money can’t buy.

In fact, we pay you to do it.


The chance to run a living, breathing business is an education you could never get in a textbook.  Because you don’t learn to balance a budget in Ec10, or make a sale in SLS20.  And you can bet Expos didn’t teach us how to write this blurb.

As student leaders, we came to Harvard to get an education. But after section, we go to the office, pick up the phone, and make real decisions that don’t involve Monopoly money.  When it comes to pre-professional experience, HSA is unparalleled. Rather than planning events about business, you can run one of our 15 businesses as if it were your own. Rather than seeking grants to fund new initiatives, we provide the capital to realize your idea right away.

And we don’t care if you have no prior business experience, because at HSA, we learn by doing. If you’re not afraid of challenges, and you’re ready to grow more than you ever have, you just might be one of us too.