How Can HSA shape your day?

While your friends are taking their 2 p.m. nap, you'll be selling a thousand dollars in advertising contracts from your personal desk. When it's late and you're pouring over an Ec pset, Red Bull in hand, you'll rest easy knowing that you've already learned how to prepare a multi-million dollar budget.

How can HSA shape your time at Harvard? 

Whether you join Freshman or Junior year, HSA will transform how you view your time here at Harvard. You will see real world successes, meet your future coworkers and best friends, and make the connections that matter most. Most importantly, you will learn what the classrooms cannot teach. Our team has positions that combine business with:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Creative and Graphic Design
  • Web and Tech Development
  • Publishing and Production
  • any other skill you are interested in learning!

How can HSA shape your life beyond Harvard?

You will leave Harvard with real business experience. With a network. With an unparalleled education. The question then is what will you choose to do with your limitless potential? HSA alumni follow their passions and consistently look back and say that, without HSA, Harvard would not have been the same.